Founder's Message


Dear Students,

We are a self financed institute and are trying to amalgamate the academic/professional achievements with character building, sense of remaining disciplined in life and human touch in the students after they enter in their career. We feel our utmost and sole concern to cub the success in the examination with humane element in their professional career. We shall be failing in our aim if we could produce only teacher/professional in future without having impatient hearts to share sorrows and worries of students.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma


To me, a student in the best canvas to paint as per our thinking, which revolves around a disciplined, self-sacrificing and committed person. We at YSL have clear-cut programme of studies. we teach the students to the best of our capabilities, arrange tutorial to clarify their doubts.

There comes a time in life when you stand at the cross road thinking whether to turn to left or right. You have a moment to decide and a life time to feel proud or repent. We assure you that joining YSL will be the safest path to follow and to feel proud throughout your life rather taking risk of trying any other institute.

I am fortunate enough to have the association of very dedicated staff members without which this would have been only a dream. They are highly sincere and dedicated. Satisfaction of our students is our main motto. Wishing you a brighter future.